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Vapur Eclipse Water Bottle

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  • 1L - Olive $12.00
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  • 1L - Night Blue $12.00
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Category: Camping

With a clean matte finish to blend into your environment or gear the Made in USA, Vapur Eclipse water bottle is perfect for every adventure.

Weighing only 1.4 oz., the Eclipse 1L bottle is about 1/4 the weight of a 1L hard-plastic water bottle
Patented flexible design is lighter and easier to hold than a rigid plastic bottle, and it folds flat when empty to fit compactly in your backpack
Durable three-ply construction allows the bottle to be folded and frozen without damaging it
Polyethylene/nylon construction with antimicrobial lining won't impart tastes or odors on your water
Water-tight cap has a flip-top opening for easy sipping; unscrew the cap from the bottle when you need to refill
Comes with a plastic accessory carabiner so you can clip the bottle to a backpack strap and hold empty water bottle in a roll.

Vapur Eclipse water bottles are 100% BPA free; dishwasher safe.

Available in 1L + .7L Olive or Night Blue


Made in USA.