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Uncle Bill's Sliver Gripper Tweezers


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  • Black Oxide Sliver Gripper $7.00
  • Stainless Steel Sliver Gripper

Category: Every Day Carry (EDC)

Uncle Bill's Sliver GRIPPER™ are the finest tweezers you'll ever use.

Precision-ground points provide pin-point gripping.
Spring-tempered stainless steel - keeps perfect alignment.
Lifetime Manufacturer Guarantee assures you of a lasting value.
Easier, more precise handling than conventional tweezers.
Complete with convenient holder, perfect to attach to your keychain.
Crafted in the USA.

The Sliver GRIPPER™ easily removes the tiniest of splinters, threads, hairs, stingers and more.
Excellent for easily removing ticks from you, your companions or dogs, I keep a pair in my bird vest at all times.

With countless uses, they are right at home in your first aid kit, tackle box, game vest, backpack, shop, sewing drawer...


Made in USA.